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Convenience Wars [BxG][Thriller]

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Plot Synopsis:
Six months ago Satoshi Kobayashi moved into a neighbourhood in Nagano to live with his aunt. He attends the local high school along with his best friend Yukito Kitsune and Yukito’s sister Sakura. Recently his aunt decided Satoshi needed to help out financially and set up an interview for him at Yuudai-Mart, a local convenience store, where Yukito and Sakura both work. After being drafted into a secretive meeting called simply, “The Meet”, between his fellow co-workers and members of a rivalling convenience store, Satoshi begins to discover that there is more to the rivalry than he first thought and pretty soon he is forced to wonder whether his job at Yuudai-Mart was coincidence, convenience, or something deeper.

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Main Characters:
Satoshi Kobayashi
Satoshi is 17 and recently got a job at the Yuudai-Mart, where he works with Yukito and Sakura Kitsune. He’s the protagonist in Convenience Wars and in all honesty, he’s kind of a goof. He moved to live with his Aunt and since he eats….a lot….she made him get a part-time job to help out with the expenses. He enjoys gaming, his favourite game being Dragon Kung-Fu Master 12. Strangely enough he’s often misunderstood. That could have something to do with his best friend Yukito who is always getting him into trouble. Satoshi, often called Toshi by his close friends attends Kito-Oka high school along with most of the other workers at the Yuudai-Mart.

Sakura Kitsune
Sakura Kitsune is 17 and works at the Yuudai-Mart with her brother Yukito. She’s a little shy and reserved and gets embarrassed about things rather easily. As she is such a model worker, her job is to greet people upon their entrance to the store and to show new employees around and make them feel at home. She’ll always try to keep the peace in contrast with her colleague Risa, who won’t stand for any nonsense. Most of the other workers at the convenience store go to the same school as Sakura, North Hill High School, or Kita no Oka. Oh, and her favourite food is Taiyaki.

Yukito Kitsune

Yukito Redesigned

Yukito Redesigned

Yukito is 17 and attends Kito-Oka High School with his sister Sakura. Yukito also works at Yuudai-Mart, along with his sister, Rimi and Satoshi. He’s a fun lovin’ kinda guy, who’s always up for a laugh, particularly if it’s at Satoshi’s expense. He’s always embarrassing his sister Sakura, but doesn’t dare cross Rimi. He’s a pretty good drummer and like Satoshi loves playing video games. He’s often asked to fix people’s computers, something which annoys him to the core. Except if Risa asks him, as Yukito harbours quite a soft spot for her.

Rimi Oshiro
Rimi Oshiro is 15 and is in her first year of High School. She too attends the Kito-Oka High School. Rimi works at the Yuudai-Mart but she’s not like the other workers. Rimi’s father Mr. Oshiro owns the store and Rimi is in charge of the rosters and employees. She takes no nonsense at all and her first impressions of Satoshi are lasting. She’s a little hot headed and incredibly competitive. Rimi also has to get things her own way. Seriously if things don’t go her way, everyone is in trouble. Thankfully, for the most part her requests are simple enough, even though they are sometimes a little ‘out-there’. She’s loyal to her friends and a lot of fun, just ask Satoshi.

Kazuko Urashima
Kazuko Urashima is 16 and attends Kito-Oka High School near. Kazuko works at the neighbouring convenience store, Ryou-Store. She’s bossy, rude and like Rimi, likes to get things her own way. Her first impression of Satoshi is not what you would call good. She finds him lazy, stupid and entirely unfit for “The Meet” that happens every Tuesday. Though she’s bossy, Kazuko is a great leader. She looks after her friends and though Satoshi has yet to see it, she has a soft side that she keeps closely guarded.

Risa Minami
Risa Minami is 22 and works at Yuudai-Mart, along with Yukito, Rimi, Sakura and Satoshi. She’s had it tough, but that’s only made her stronger. Risa is pretty well guarded and runs the store with precision and efficiency. The store owner Mr Oshiro, leaves the day to day running of everything to Risa. To Risa, working at the store is very important to her, and doing a good job is even more so. She has a soft spot for Satoshi, but that can surely only last for so long.

3 different main endings
Non-linear branching narrative
22 Characters
RPG-like Battle System


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