Rakit Studios

Home of Rakit Studios : Creators of Convenience Wars


Rakit Studios is a small Indie game development studio in the UK. One day we decided to put our respective skills together and make a game and Rakit Studios was born. At Rakit we care about a few things, Anime, Visual Novels and putting the two together.

We’re currently working on our first Visual Novel called Convenience Wars. CW is about Satoshi Kobayashi, a High School student who moves to Akihabara, Taito. He gets a job at a convenience store with some of his school friends after his aunt gets upset with him for mooching off of her. Things start off well, but after a while Satoshi is drawn into a battle that he knows nothing about and is totally unprepared for. The events that follow will completely change his life and the relationships he has with his co-workers at Yuudai-Mart.


cbx33 : Project Coordinator – Coder – Story/Script writer
aliasvegas : Lead Artist – Concept Artwork – Merchandise
sbx34 : Foley Artist – Coder – Game Mechanics
stupid_little_genius : Background Artist


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