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Character Friday: Kurisu Yamada and Yugo Sagasu

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Yay! It’s time for another Character Friday, showcasing another character from our upcoming Visual Novel, Convenience Wars. The idea is to whet your appetite and get you going all gaga over the awesome artwork that aliasvegas is producing. Today it’s the turn of Kurisu Yamada and Yugo Sagasu.

Kurisu is 17 years old and Yugo is 18 years old. They both work at Yuudai-Mart along with the others. Of course, they are in love and on a day to day basis they can only be seen together, in each others arms. Most of life slips past them without even catching their attention. Being so in love, Yugo is understandably over protective of Kurisu and so he and Satoshi don’t exactly hit it off well, because of course, Satoshi is interested in Kurisu…..or at least, that’s what Yugo thinks.


That’s it for now. More details to come soon 🙂


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