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Community Effort: Can you spare us 5 minutes???


So, we’re making a convenience store. As with almost all convenience stores, there is a certain amount of stocking of shelves to be done. In a normal shop, that’s fairly easy. When building a shop in CG, we have to create EVERY item of stock in the store. Since crowd-sourcing seems to be the in thing right now, we thought we’d give the Convenience Wars community the chance to create some products for us. The process is reasonably simple, we’ve included the textures that we used for the various items in the store below. To design a can, simply replace the red area in the bottom left with your own colours and design. To design a box, design it within the grey area. To design a bottle replace the brown colour and design your own label. Please keep all files to 1024×1024 pixels, else this will mess with our UV mapping.

Please keep it clean, ie no swearing or inappropriate content, not too brightly coloured and do not use any images, esp logos that are already trademarked or copyrighted. As for terms, we will unfortunately not be able to pay you for your efforts, and you agree to sign the design over to us, but your name will be included in the credits for sure. Not all designs will make it in to the game, but all will be considered.

All entries will need to be in in around two weeks time to be considered for inclusion. Please email all entires to rakitstudios@googlemail.com

Thanks community!!!!





5 thoughts on “Community Effort: Can you spare us 5 minutes???

  1. File sent… check your email guys… XD

  2. What language should they be in?

  3. Guys, is it OK to use actual products my company sell?… I own the brand name rights so you won’t have to worry about legal stuff… Also, if it’s OK with you I’ll re-post on my blog this so we can get more people to help you guys with the labels…

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