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2 thoughts on “Final Convenience Wars Logo Idea

  1. If I’m being honest, I’m not crazy about the explosion/burst. It takes a lot of space vertically which means layouts featuring it will have a fair amount of empty space. I liked the integration of the shopping cart since it immediately allows a previously unaware viewer to make the convenience store connection. Without it, you’re not sure what the title is referring to. I like the gradient effect on the lettering, but having two different colors one each word causes a bit of a visual disconnect. Also, the grey with blueish drop-shadow makes “WARS” a bit jarring to the eye when applied to the white negative space of the explosion. If you compare it to the previous iteration in which the explosion is filled-in you can see a pronounced difference in “at-a-glance” readability.

    Just my opinion though. I hope I’m not coming across unnecessarily negative.

    • No no. we have had several people say something similar. We are going to be revisiting the topic. I find this one of the hardest things to do. Probably because my drawing skills are not up to much. 🙂

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