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7 thoughts on “Convenience Wars Logo Idea #2

  1. My brain is being distracted because it is on an angle. I keep wanting to straighten it.


  2. しいものは本当にクールに見える

  3. Visually, my beef with it is that the cart moving from right to left looks like it’s colliding with the logo instead of zooming along with the logo.

  4. Ditto on flipping the cart. Intro animation could be the cart rushing in from the left with the letters appearing/spinning or changing from kana to english as the cart passes by.

  5. Also, the katakana looks off… mind you im pretty shite at writing in katakana, but you may want someone to take a look at it (or copy from video games or movies with those words in the title)

  6. @susanthecat, Slant is now removed
    @ksleet + @defecivePrinceNaoto, We may be losing the cart altogether, running a few tests now, thank you all for your valuable feedback 🙂

  7. I’m with @defectivePrinceNaoto (Awesome P4 ref) on maybe working into the opening animation and @cbx33 I think you’ve got to keep the cart or at least a basket or something.

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