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Rakit Studios Christmas Party! – Convenience Wars First Real Outing!!

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OK, so wednesday we had a nice little party at Rakit Studios HQ! It was a very small affair, and to be fair it would have to be since we cooked our three guests an absolute myriad of Japanese cuisine. If you’re not interested in the fabulous food, scroll down further to read about the games first real outing. We started off with some Sushi. Granted I’m not a fantastic Sushi roller yet, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then we cooked some Tamagoyaki, which went so quickly we couldn’t actually get a photo.

Veg Sushi

Next we served up some Chicken deep fried in Panko breadcrumbs. Oishii! Of course I consumed mine with copious amounts of Bulldog Sauce!

Chicken Deep Fried in Panko

Next was some Tempura vegetables, Sweet Potatoe and Mushrooms, again sorry no photos. Too delicious!

Unfortunately, we had at this point taken about 3.5 hours to munch our way through various foods and snacks and had to get on to game playing, however two members of the Rakit team cooked up some nice Taiyaki for dessert.



But of course the most important thing to discuss here was not our love for Japanese cuisine. It was to discuss the first real outing of the game. Yes, the three lucky guests played through the demo so far. The route they took lasted a good 45 minutes. We started off with the in game voices enabled, so our guests got to hear our ‘fabulous’ voice acting. As we had only recorded a small portion of it with voices, that didn’t last long. Aliasvegas then came up with the bright idea of us doing the voices live. I have to admit, voice acting live for over half an hour was pretty exhausting, particularly since I did all the male characters and Aliasvegas did all the female characters. One thing to note is that people are much more likely to verbalise their internal thoughts, especially when it comes to laughing, if they have voices to listen to.

So at the end of it, what were the comments? Overall it seemed our testers were pretty sad when the end came. The cliffhanger we had placed at the end was not particularly significant and so this was very encouraging to us. Having people want to play more even when there was no one in any real danger, proved to us that we can conjure up the right level of suspense. The second point was that they felt they would be much more likely to play through it if we did put the voices throughout the whole thing. Obviously that will take considerable effort on our part, but we kinda had the same feelings on the subject anyway.

The humour and premise was seemingly well received and this was again further encouragement to us that we had the setting about right. It was very interesting hearing people talking about the decisions they were about to make. How they thought the character would react to certain situations was interesting, even if it did leave me wondering if we hadn’t made him vanilla enough.

Looking at the length of the demo so far, I would think that we will hit at least the 1 hour mark for the demo. To me that seems like a pretty good trailer for the rest of the game.

A big thank you to our testers! We had an awesome night with your guys and will have to do it again soon. Once again, any thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions are very well received.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

cbx33 – Project Coordinator


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