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Convenience Wars – Update Post – Battle Systems and more!

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Hi everyone? Miss us? Probably not! But hey, we’ve got a lot to talk about this time. So it’s been a while since the last proper update post and we thought it was a good idea to keep you updated with how things were going. We’re a little more organised this time round, so it’s split up into proper sections.

Battle System
Hinted at strongly on our FB page, we’ve been working heavily this week on a battle system. Seeing as the characters play a live role playing type game, we thought it would be kinda fun to bring that to life by having a proper RPG style game built into it. The main focus was not necessarily on the actual battle system, but on making sure that the characters can still bring up dialogue boxes throughout the fight. This was very important to us, as the battles will be largely predetermined and we wanted the dialogue to help carry the battle on through.

It was also crucial to make sure that the battles are not seen as too arcade/important. The mechanism is there simply to enhance the experience. Having a character say, “you rolled a six, that means your character takes a hit,” would be far too bland. Doing it this way means the “boring-ness” of the battle is contained in a turn-based RPG environment, whilst there is still room for characters to talk and engage with the player.

Whilst we did say that some of the fights are predetermined, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome or the journey through the battle is predetermined. Though Satoshi may be guided as to what options to choose, the player will be free to make their own choices. Just make sure you don’t tick off Oni too much eh?

sbx34 has been hard at work putting more sounds into the game. They are certainly adding that extra dimension that we were looking for. The next step is to try to incorporate some environmental sounds. Like a slightly busy street, or inside a shop, but that’s the next step for sure. The music hasn’t really been worked on much recently, but more will follow for sure.

aliasvegas has been churning out more characters. Out of the 22 significant characters, we have designs completed for at least 6 and all of those have at least 4-5 expressions and several have 2 or more poses. With the introduction of the battle system, we decided to push the boat out and have chibi versions of the characters in there also. It turned out to be an excellent idea and the fruits of that labour will be displayed soon.

Well, since the last update post, there has been about 3,000 words added to the script. We know, we know, that’s not a lot, but it’s a start. The script is actually the easiest bit of the game to do. We have the premise tied down nicely and some of the story details figured out well. So time has been spent more on the technical side of things making sure that we can actually do what we want to do.

stupid_little_genius has finished our first background and let us say, it looks awesome. We’ll be displaying that shortly in a mini video to showcase our overall style. Expect that in the coming weeks.

So that’s it for this week….join us next time

cbx33 – Project Coordinator


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