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Voice Acting – A small example


OK, so I have to admit I’m a little reticent about putting this up, but a part of me is actually keen to document the progress we make in doing voice acting. So in short, here is a link to a short line that we have written for Satoshi. This appears very early on in the game so it’s not going to spoil anything. Yes the room is not dead enough, that’s a given. This was my first day as Satoshi 🙂

Satoshi Example
Comments, suggestions are welcome 🙂


8 thoughts on “Voice Acting – A small example

  1. Are you going to be voice acting all the narration? It seems like it would be a lot of work, but since no other visual novel really does it (for that reason specifically), I think it could be interesting to check out for sure.

    • It will be a lot of work 🙂 We used a good portion of time to record half the script we already have and though there was a lot of effort it doing it, we all actually really enjoyed it and thought it added something to the game. I must admit I’ve often found it very jarring when the main character doesn’t actually speak or get narrated. We’ve taken the decision to not have so much narration, but inner monologue. I found it rather off putting when the narration came up. That being said, we’re going to maybe have to break the rules as it may be difficult to get certain actions across. Rather than saying something like, “Satoshi put the phone in the drawer,” we are going for something like, “I think I’ll put my phone in the drawer for safe keeping.”

      We’ll see how it turns out anyway, thanks for the question 🙂

      • Or you could even narrate in the first person as if he is telling the story to someone else? That could potentially solve the narration problem in a less awkward way, unless, of course, you’ve already tried that.

      • I don’t think we’ve tried that. I’ll give it a go, the problem is that that gives the feeling of everything happening in the past. I like the idea of everything seeming like it’s happening right there and then. Anyway, it’s a good suggestion, I’ll put it to the team.



  2. I think you need to work on taking more pauses. Particularly before the “Oh, no. This means she’ll be showing me around.” and “Why does this always happen to me?! Why?!” I’d have expected a bit of a pause – if you read everything without pauses, in my opinion, it makes it more obvious you’re reading from a script, in my opinion. The character will more than likely stop to think a bit, before he realises that being shown around is a problem, and stop even more before lashing out and saying the second line I pointed out.

    Are you planning to make the dubbing optional? Personally I’m not a fan of dubbing in VNs as the characters always enunciate their lines much slower than I read them, and I usually appreciate an option to turn voices off as I can avoid muting the music as well.

    Additionally, it may be a good idea to make two downloads – one voiced and one unvoiced – so that people can pick and choose which one they want. Voices take a big amount of space on disk and letting people choose which build they want is usually appreciated (and if you can count the downloads, it gives you an idea of how fruitful your efforts are, particularly if you make a voiced demo to test the waters).

    • Yeh, the pause there was because I spliced two lines of audio together to attempt to show an emotional change. I should have left a larger gap I guess. Of course dubbing will always be optional, just turn off the voice slider. Depending on the size of the game once the audio files are in it, we may consider doing a separate download without voices. I think we will most probably do the demo will full voices and then see what the reaction is from people as to whether we do the whole game with voices or not.

  3. I cannot explain how difficult a time my brain is having believing that’s you’re voice, mate. Completely different that I’m used to hearing. Nice work. I actually like the frantic pace of the read on this file, as it adds a certain authenticity to things. Anyone that watched dubbed anime will not that it’s a very common VO stle due to efforts to keep up with the lip-synching of the original.

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