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Convenience Wars – Update Post – Interview Questions Beta


So, a very early part of Convenience Wars has Satoshi filling out an interview questionnaire. It was important to us that this functioned well. The first iteration of the IQ screen had the user click on a question number. This would then present the user with the specific options for that question. We have to admit, the screenshot below isn’t very appealing, but at least the mechanism worked.

Queue tonight’s work and we sat down to think about how we could style and design this. We wanted it to look as realistic as we could. With that in mind, we set about making it look like a real piece of paper with printed questions on it. The background was created from scratch then it was just a case of creating some text buttons and placing them in the right parts of the screen.

We weren’t satisfied with that 😦 The buttons took away the feel of a real piece of paper and we really wanted to retain that level of immersion in the game. After a little wrangling, we managed to get Ren’Py to forget about the button styling and make the buttons become part of the paper itself. There is still work to be done. For one thing, we need to come up with a logo for the Yuudai-Mart store and that will be placed somewhere at the top. We do however feel much more comfortable with the look and feel of the IQ screen now. Having to jump through multiple screens before was just cumbersome and we’re pleased we managed to simplify this down to a single sheet of paper.

Hopefully you like what you see and anyone who has played a Visual Novel before should be familiar with what this questionnaire is trying to achieve.
Till next time peeps 🙂
cbx33 – Project Coordinator


4 thoughts on “Convenience Wars – Update Post – Interview Questions Beta

  1. Smashing job!

    Is the page a viewport with “grabbable” enabled?

    • Not currently, do you think that would be better?

      • It wouldn’t hurt, and the user can still use the vbar on the side if they prefer that. Also, it’s a lot easier to use grab on the Android version vs. using a vbar. You may want to also have the cursor change to show that the page is ‘grabbed’ (this would benefit the people using the desktop release) and takes like 5 seconds to implement (once you draw the grabby cursor art :p)

        But yeah, I love all the detail you’re putting into the UI. CW is shaping up to be a very energetic, stylized art direction, which really goes well with the comedy/anime motif.

        P.S. When is character Friday going up? ;p

      • OK, we’ll look into that.

        Thanks for the kind words defectivePrinceNaoto, we’re working really really hard on it. There’s only 4 people in the team, but we’ve managed to get things to a point where we are confident we can complete this to a high standard.

        BTW, Character Friday is live…..like NOW!!

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