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Convenience Wars – Update Post – Making a cellphone


Our Visual Novel, Convenience Wars, will feature a cellphone as part of the game play. Some of the characters will send messages to Satoshi and the player will have to decide how to react. Sometimes, the player will receive calls from other characters and have to decide whether Satoshi should pick up the phone or not.

We thought it would be interesting to show the development of the phones messaging user interface. We haven’t yet managed to get the reply system working, but it’s a step in the right direction. Let us know what you think of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Initial design of boxes

Adding a little more padding, right aligned

Text colour change

The message window wrapped


2 thoughts on “Convenience Wars – Update Post – Making a cellphone

  1. The colour change certainly makes the text clearer to read šŸ™‚

    Maybe the arrow tail would be better on the left/right of the text box, instead of at the bottom? More consistent and easier to make scan/glance?

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