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Convenience Wars – Update Post – Something to show for it

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Hey guys, first off an apology for not having a second Character Friday yet. Next week it will probably be the turn of Satoshi Kobayashi, our protagonist. Granted we haven’t given too much of the story away yet, but that’s coming too. We don’t want to overload you with too much information now do we?

What have you been up to Rakit?

So this week has been heavily focussed on creating some tests of some of the in-game mechanisms. We are using the awesome Ren’Py framework for creating our Visual Novel. It’s written in Python, probably one of the best languages for writing things rapidly in. Python isn’t fussy about a lot of things, at least, it’s not fussy about the things we don’t care about, so it works for us. Ren’Py gives us all the tools we need to develop our game. Though I don’t like to admit it, it handles most of the difficult bits, like working with the sound card and graphics overlay. This leaves us to work on the more….ahem….important things, like story and making things look pretty. The image below is an early test of layout and UI (user interface) the background is a heavily filtered photo at this stage and will eventually be replaced by a nicely drawn element.

An early test of the layout of the Visual Novel

The game isn’t going to do well if it’s just text and nothing else. If it were just text, we may as well just release the story as a book. No! The whole point of the Visual Novel is that it’s something interactive. Most Visual Novels have, at the very least, some choices that the player makes along the way. Remember the old Fighting Fantasy novels where you had to turn to a different page, depending on the choice you made? Well there’s definitely an element of that. However, that alone isn’t going to be enough to keep people going, so we have to include something else in the game.

Mini games / Things to do

Mini games are an obvious extra that we can put into the game. They give the player a relief from the monotony of just reading dialogue and give them something else fun to do. We’ve not 100% decided on what mini games are going to be in Convenience Wars, but we have at least gotten round to thinking about it. Ren’Py has tools to help us here too and so the next few weeks will probably be spent developing and honing the mini game elements of the game. When we release the demo, the intention is that it will be a representation of the entire game, just shortened. So it will have a number of mini games along with voice acting, story plot twists…….the works!

So where are we at the moment?

We have a lot of the core look’n’feel of the game sorted. By that we mean that we know the direction we are going. We have something playable that represents where we want to go. To be honest peeps, that’s half the battle. We’re still stupidly psyched about the whole thing and are really starting to get to grips with the overall task of what has to be done.

Another test of layout in Convenience Wars

We know that it’s going to take a long time to finish, but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun. We would really really appreciate your feedback on how things are looking so far or maybe what kind of mini games you yourself enjoy in games.

Until next time peeps….

cbx33 – Project Coordinator


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