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Character Friday : Sakura Kitsune

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That’s right folks, it’s Character Friday. Every friday, assuming yours truly remembers, we will be showcasing a character from our upcoming Visual Novel, Convenience Wars. The idea is to whet your appetite and get you going all gaga over the awesome artwork that aliasvegas is producing. Today it’s the turn of Sakura Kitsune.

Sakura Kitsune is 17 and works at the Yuudai-Mart with her brother Yukito. She’s a little shy and reserved and gets embarrassed about things rather easily. As she is such a model worker, her job is to greet people upon their entrance to the store and to show new employees around and make them feel at home. She’ll always try to keep the peace but she won’t stand for any nonsense, something she shares in common with Risa, one of the other employees at Yuudai-Mart. Most of the other workers at the convenience store go to the same school as Sakura, North Hill High School, or Kita no Oka. Oh, and her favourite food is Taiyaki.

Sakura Headshots

That’s it for now. More details to come soon 🙂


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