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Character Friday : Sakura Kitsune

That’s right folks, it’s Character Friday. Every friday, assuming yours truly remembers, we will be showcasing a character from our upcoming Visual Novel, Convenience Wars. The idea is to whet your appetite and get you going all gaga over the awesome artwork that aliasvegas is producing. Today it’s the turn of Sakura Kitsune.

Sakura Kitsune is 17 and works at the Yuudai-Mart with her brother Yukito. She’s a little shy and reserved and gets embarrassed about things rather easily. As she is such a model worker, her job is to greet people upon their entrance to the store and to show new employees around and make them feel at home. She’ll always try to keep the peace but she won’t stand for any nonsense, something she shares in common with Risa, one of the other employees at Yuudai-Mart. Most of the other workers at the convenience store go to the same school as Sakura, North Hill High School, or Kita no Oka. Oh, and her favourite food is Taiyaki.

Sakura Headshots

That’s it for now. More details to come soon 🙂


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Ambitions, ambitions, ambitions

Well, we’re here at the start of a fantasticly ambitious journey. Did the title give it away? We’ve created a team of highly motivated people, notice I didn’t say skilled yet, to create a Visual Novel. In short, a Visual Novel is an interactive story, often allowing the reader/player to make choices as to how the story progresses. It uses mostly still backgrounds and sprites, to create a scene whilst the reader reads dialogue and narratives. The working title of our VN is Convenience Wars, and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be posting exclusive behind the scenes content on how the story, characters, artwork and sound is progressing.

I did say this was an ambitious project, and I’m not lying. We already have over 15 characters in the story, all of which have to be drawn in multiple expressions, poses and costumes. Each of these is called a sprite. For one of the main characters we currently have 24 sprites. Each sprite has to be meticulously drawn and coloured by our artist, aliasvegas. She’s been hard at work and believe me she’s only gonna be working harder. It’s not all about Characters though, we have stupid-little-genius working on some concept background art too.

Then there is sound! The idea is not only to have sound effects here and there, all of which we are intending to record ourselves, but background music to record and also voices. That’s right, the plan for this visual novel is to have evey line spoken by a voice actor. Granted we don’t have the funds to hire preofessional voice acting, so we’re going to have to work hard to tune up our voices and get the whip cracking. Leading the effort on sounds is sbx34. He’s got a mic and a record button, so he’ll be fine.

Then there’s me, cbx33. I’m responsible for the scripting, both verbal and programatical and the storyline. It really is a lot of work and we’ve put a lot of effort into it already. There are at least 5 characters fully designed, 3 fully planned chapters and a lot of the backend coding already completed.

So when do we get to play it? I hear you shouting. Calm down. We’ll be releasing a demo when the first three chapters are fully completed with sounds and artwork. This is not going to be a quick process and we’re thinking it may take us a few months to reach this stage. However, during this phase, we’ll be throwing up new images and news to keep you interested. As for the final product, no decisions have been made yet, as to what kind of model we will use to release, but we’ll probably consult the demo players as to their feelings on the game once it’s released.

Hopefully you’re so super interested now that you’re facebooking and liking this page to death, but if you’re not don’t worry, we’re not offended in the slightest, Visual Novels aren’t for everyone. The whole concept is big in Japan, but hasn’t received the same love and attention over here. If you’re an anime fan, many of your favourite series started life as Visual Novels. We’re doing our best to bring the genre to people who have never seen or heard of Visual Novels and we hope you’ll take that journey with us.

Until next time peeps!

cbx33 – Project Coordinator